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Heres How to Lose Weight and Belly Fat and
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Tired of yo-yo dieting where you starve yourself to lose a few pounds, only to gain them back a short time later?

Are you ready to finally lose weight and keep it off for good?

Then its time you discovered Dr. Ws Healthy Slim 365 created by Dr. Seymour Weaver III, one of the leading medical and cosmetic dermatologists in the United States.

This powerful weight-loss aid works six different ways to help you burn away even the most stubborn fat (including the extra weight around your hips and stomach).

Dr. Ws Healthy Slim 365 Contains Six Active Ingredients to Help With Rapid Weight Loss

Component 1: Best Appetite Suppressant

CarallumaFimbriata one of the key active ingredients is a natural appetite suppressant and fat metabolizer derived from a succulent cactus that grows in India. It not only suppresses appetite and prevents hunger but also increases metabolic activity. This increase causes fat cells to break down and shrink in size. The Caralluma present in Dr. Ws Healthy Slim 365is a high grade patented version of that provides the purest, most effective extract available on the market.

A 2007 medical study concluded that people taking Caralluma extract experienced suppressed appetites and reduced waist circumferences compared to those taking a placebo.

An FDA report states: During its entire history of use, over centuries, on the Indian subcontinent, not a single adverse event has been reported on CarallumaFimbriata. ... The tribal community treats CarallumaFimbriata as a food item for daily consumption. They believe that Caralluma is a unique herb which cures common health problems apart from its fantastic ability to suppress appetite and thirst.

Unlike most appetite suppressants, CarallumaFimbriata does not cause nervousness, jitteriness or increase in heart rate.

Component 2: Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract also increases your metabolism and burns fat. In addition, this extract has the ability to boost your energy, eliminating the fatigue that sometimes arises as your body gets used to a lower calorie diet.

Component 3: Lactobacillus Acidophilus

Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a probiotic – a beneficial bacterium – that balances your digestive tract to keep the digestive system in its most natural state for effective fat burning. You see, problems with your digestive system can significantly contribute to weight gain, especially in the midsection. By combining this probiotic with an appetite suppressant, this formulation ensures your digestive processes benefit – rather than detracts from – your weight loss.

Component 4: Detox formulation

A proprietary Detox formulation cleanses the liver, stomach, colon, and digestive tract to head off malabsorption and the buildup of poorly digested foods that can stick around, clogging the intestinal tract and hugely contributing to weight gain. This formulation includes:

Dandelion Root Powder to cleanse the blood and liver and increase bile production and improve stomach function.

Burdock Root Powder to act as an antioxidant and aid in the elimination of toxins. Burdock stimulates the digestive system, purifies the blood, and restores liver and gallbladder function.

Red Clover Powder to suppress the appetite and purify the blood Slippery Elm Bark Powder to soothe the mucous membranes of the bowel and facilitate a healthier colon.

Component 5: Green Superfood medley

A Green Superfood medley provides minerals, digestive aids, and ingredients that are missing from all processed foods. Until now it was tough to get these nutrients unless you grew your own vegetables. The medley includes: Organic Alfalfa Grass Powder to provide nutrition. Alfalfa is one of the most mineral-rich foods known and contains high amounts of the beneficial nutrient chlorophyll.

Spirulina Powder to provide microalgae and nutrients no other grain, herb, or plant can. These include gamma linoleic acid (GLA), linoleic and arachidonic acids, vitamin B12 (especially needed by vegetarians for healthy red blood cells), Broccoli Stalk Powder to provide chlorophyll and other nutrients.

Component 6: Chamomile Flower Powder

Chamomile Flower Powder aids digestion and relieves stress and anxiety

Additional Ingredients: Vitamin B-3 as Niacin Powder, Vitamin B-6 as pyridoxine HCL, and Vitamin B-12 as cyanocobalamin. Each of these contributes to healthy digestion and is necessary for the optimum absorption of fats and protein.

Safest Way to Remove Belly Fat and Get a Flatter Stomach

Belly Fat usually accumulates with progressive weight gain leading to being overweight and obesity. Sometimes this fat accumulates under the skin and at other times inside the abdomen around the organs. Internal fat is also referred to as visceral fat. There are 4 keys to being able to eliminate belly fat: proper eating, exercise, stress management, and adequate sleep.

Dr. Ws Healthy Slim 365 helps to eliminate belly fat because:

  • the CarallumaFimbriata helps target fat burning in the abdominal area
  • the Chamomile helps relieve stress and anxiety plus facilitates sleep

Combining Dr. W’s Healthy Slim 365 with your exercise program should help you achieve quicker results and flatten your stomach!

What to Expect with Dr. W’s Healthy Slim 365

With Dr. W’s Healthy Slim 365 you’ll:

  • Boost your metabolism!
  • Reduce your appetite!
  • Curb cravings & hunger pangs!
  • Send your energy skyrocketing!
  • Melt stubborn fat away!

Suggested Use aof Dr. W’s Healthy Slim 365

  • Take 2 capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule an hour before lunch or dinner
  • Drink 1 8-ounce glass of water when taking the capsules
  • After 1 hour or more, eat according to your appetite. Eat the foods you like, but in reasonable portions
  • Take the product and maintain a healthy eating and exercise program (The Healthy 365 Vision Journal is a great guide to use for weekly programs to stay on track)

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"I have been taking Healthy Slim 365 for 6 weeks. I have more energy and I have started back to the gym. I am losing pounds and my clothes are looser" – B. Cage

“Healthy Slim 365 has really helped me control my appetite. I have lost more than 20 pounds in 11 weeks without any strenuous exercise. I have modified my diet only by reducing my carbohydrates” – R. Dawson

“I was extremely skeptical at first because I have tried so many different supplements that promised the world but never produced any results. After taking it for two months I can honestly say I cannot believe the results. I have lost weight, my energy has increased drastically and my skin even looks younger because of the impurities removed from my body due to the cleansing ingredients in the product. I am a customer of Healthy Slim 365 for life!” – Elizabeth Simonds

“This product has helped my overall health in ways I could never have imagined. I lost weight; my skin looked younger because the product cleansed my system removing all kinds of toxins that had been inside my body for who knows how long. My energy returned. I would recommend this product to anyone and I will be taking it for the rest of my life.” – Gary Milligan

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Why Trust Dr. W’s Healthy Slim 365

Dr. W’s Healthy Slim 365 is doctor formulated, contains 100% authentic carallumafimbriata extract and is manufactured in the United States in a government certified facility that produces pharmaceutical grade products.

Dr. W’s Healthy Slim 365 includes

  • one of the most effective, clinically proven natural appetite suppressants available. Research studies have shown that CarallumaFimbriata sup presses your appetite without dangerous or inconvenient side effects.
  • all beneficial and necessary nutrients you need even when you're eating less.
  • green foods and enzymes and detoxification to improve the digestion of the food that you do eat, allowing your body to absorb only the nourishment it needs and to send everything else harmlessly (and weightlessly) away.

Just imagine what a relief it is to have a desire to eat less, to know you won't be depleting your body of nutrients, to get rid of unwanted toxins AND add healthy bacteria to your colon so your digestive tract can work at its peak level of performance. Dr. W's Healthy Slim 365 addresses many of the factors that cause over 60% of Americans to be heavier than their ideal weight. And it's all in one pill. In my quest for an effective weight loss product, I never imagined I'd discover a way to help my patients achieve ideal, healthy, natural weight loss by just taking one or two capsules a day.

But I did. And now I'd like to offer it to you

Note: Every order of Dr. Ws Healthy Slim 365 is a one-timetransaction. In other words there are no hidden transaction charges and no recurring orders.

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Results are not guaranteed and may vary depending upon individual characteristics. Best results will be obtained along with a balanced diet and exercise program.

The statements made in this promotion have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. (The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products.) This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. As individuals differ, so will their results.